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Windows or Linux Hosting

Windows or Linux Hosting

Do I Need Windows Hosting or Linux Hosting? What Is Right for Me?

Web hosting providers use different types of operating systems but the most common are Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting web hosting platforms. Linux hosting is very popular and favored by many because it is free and it’s relatively easy to use. The difference between the two operating systems starts in the accessing of server. Telnet and SSH access is only available to the Linux system though telnet can also be accessed on Windows hosting but this is quite rare.

Linux have two languages, the PHP and the Perl languages while ASP is the language offered by Windows. Linux operating system is also said to be more secure compared to Windows based hosting because Windows is often subject to attacks and exploitations as compared to Linux.

Linux hosting is the most popular platform in web hosting because there are plenty of best domain hosting providers who are offering their Linux based web hosting packages. Windows hosting is still relatively quite new compared to Linux and not everybody is used to it. Though it does have its own pros and cons compared to Linux, the choice of whether or not you should choose Linux over Windows really depends on what you need. Most likely, you’d be well satisfied with Linux. Windows based servers are only needed if you prefer to use the ASP, Microsoft Access and MS SQL. Otherwise, Linux servers would be a lot easier for you with MySQL databases and PHP programming.

For Linux web hosting providers, the best one we have found is BlueHost web hosting. They’ve been a hosting provider since 1996 and they’ve grown a lot and made the competition for Linux based web hosting a lot tougher. They offer affordable prices that are reliable and secure. They have over a million clients worldwide and that number shows just how much people depend on BlueHost for their hosting needs.

The BlueHost CEO is an expert when it comes to Linux web hosting so it is no wonder why they are the best, the crème of the crop. They know what they are offering and they know what their customers truly need. They had invested on upgrades so they can serve their customers better. With BlueHost web hosting, you are assured that you won’t be facing any problems on your sites or whenever you do encounter one, the technical support group of BlueHost would be happy to assist you.

As for the Windows web hosting providers, the best one so far is Lunarpages web hosting. They also offer Linux based web hosting but they are also offering their Windows Hosting Plan to host the Active Server Pages or ASP. For just $9.95 a month with the first three months set as free, you get a free setup with a free domain name. Storage is at 5000 MB and a bandwidth allocation per month of 400 GB. The MSSQL Express Database is included while the Enterprise and Standard versions are offered at an additional cost of $10 a month. As you can see, Windows based web hosting cost much more and with limited bandwidth and storage capabilities as compared to Linux hosting.

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